Decision still to be made on 227 homes in Grantham

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The decision on 227 homes north of Dysart Road was deferred to a future meeting, as more time and information was required by committee members to consider the application.

Constable Homes Ltd’s application to build housing on 5.93 hectares of land to the north of 372-400 Dysart Road and west of Valley Road led to a debate on affordable housing provision versus viability.

SKDC planning officer Tony Boswell explained that affordable housing contributions can be ‘up to 35 per cent’. Constable are currently offering 20 per cent affordable housing within the development, along with other contributions including £200,000 towards improvements to the junction with Barrowby Gate and Trent Road.

Speaking at the meeting, Dysart Road residents Alan Campion and Eddie Mick, both of whose homes back on to the proposed development, expressed concerns about loss of views, increased traffic, and tree damage.