Defeat the tyranny of the sandwich with a trip to brand new noodle bar

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SANDWICHES. They’re everywhere, - and frankly, I’m sick of them.

I have a sandwich while slumped at my desk most days.

It’s the unimaginitive choice; the lunch option with no added forethought.

There’s just a fairly basic decision to be made about what filling you’d like stuffed between your two bits of bread, and then you can get back in front of the computer screen as soon as possible.

So this week I decided it was time to break free from the tyranny of the sandwich, and along with one of my esteemed colleagues took a trip to the iNoodle Buffet Bar, the latest addition to Grantham’s culinary canon.

Nestled in Butcher’s Row, iNoodle (open from 11am until late) is tapping into the trend for fast food that’s not a bag of chips or a dispiriting kebab.

And with the chance to create your own meal, there’s also the opportunity to throw in a bit of creativity too.

It works like this:

1) Select the size of your box

2) Choose the contents of said box

3) Pay the man behind the counter

4) Consume (clumsy fumbling with chopsticks optional)

I chose a medium-sized box - which at £4.99 isn’t exactly a cheap lunch - but certainly offered enough food to keep me going for the afternoon.

Offered the choice of egg noodles, rice noodles, or rice, I opted for the sticky rice noodles, topped with a helping of beef satay.

My colleague (who showed more creativity than me) went for the sweet and sour chicken and a mix of rice and egg noodles.

As I returned to the Journal’s pulsating newsroom I was pleasantly surprised to find that the contents of the warm box I had carried down the street had not leaked on to my hand (or my trousers for that matter).

Opening the box I was confronted with a brownish soup which, if I’m honest, didn’t look too appetising.

But I discovered (after abandoning the chopsticks) that it tasted great.

The satay had tender strips of beef and was perfectly spiced - it offered a slight kick, but not enough to cause any discomfort.

The noodles, which were mixed with finely chopped vegetables, had that pleasant stickiness you’d expect but without the threat of turning to mush.

If I have a criticism, it’s that the sauce was a bit on the watery side - slightly thicker and it would have been perfect.

My colleague’s sweet and sour chicken was “lovely”.

The rice was perfectly cooked, but the noodles had a mild burnt flavour which detracted from the meal slightly.

Customer service was friendly and my colleague even got a free fortune cookie thrown in - a nice touch.

So, if you’re tired of sandwiches and want to broaden your horizons, get on down to iNoodle. We like it.

Review by Bob Hart