Deputy Mayor of Grantham undergoes heart operation in Spain

Deputy Mayor Coun Mike Cook.
Deputy Mayor Coun Mike Cook.
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The Deputy Mayor of Grantham is recovering from a heart operation after falling ill on a Mediterranean cruise.

Coun Mike Cook fell ill just three days into the cruise when the ship was near Barcelona about five weeks ago.

Coun Cook, 74, and his wife, Marjorie, went to the sick bay and when the ship docked in the Spanish port an ambulance was called.

Coun Cook, who had only had a pacemaker fitted five days before the couple left on holiday, underwent an operation on his heart in Barcelona after a heart valve was found to be damaged.

Mrs Cook said they had been given the all clear to go on holiday after the pacemaker was fitted. She said a clip was fitted to the valve in the operation. Coun Cook returned to the UK on Saturday and is now being looked after in Grantham Hospital where he is receiving physiotherapy. Mrs Cook believes it could be another few weeks before he can go home.

She also believes the pacemaker may have helped her husband as it acts as a defibrillator which can keep the heart going.

Mrs Cook said: “Mike underwent a new procedure which is only two or three years old. He was too weak to have open heart surgery. The care and expertise he got in Spain was exceptional.

“Family came over to see us and people have been very supportive. A lot of councillors and friends have been in touch.”

The couple have a nephew in Barcelona who was able to help with the language.

She added: “Mike has been through the wars. He is a fighter and a strong man and he is getting there. He is hoping to go back into council but I do not see it before January. We will make a final decision after Christmas, but Mike will always support Ian (the Mayor) just as Ian has given his support to Mike.”

Coun Cook represents the St Anne’s ward on South Kesteven District Council.