Deputy mayor standing as independent district council candidate in Harrowby

Deputy mayor Bruce Wells.
Deputy mayor Bruce Wells.
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The deputy mayor of Grantham has made the “heart-wrenching decision” to go independent after being deselected as a Labour candidate.

Coun Bruce Wells has lived in Harrowby for more than 40 years, and represented the ward as a Labour district councillor since 2011.

However, last month he was deselected as a district council candidate by ward Labour party members, along with mayor Ian Selby.

This week Coun Wells revealed that he will instead stand as an independent candidate for the Harrowby ward in the forthcoming South Kesteven District Council elections.

Revealing his decision to the Journal, Coun Wells said: “After a lot of soul-searching, I have decided to stand as an independent candidate for the Harrowby ward. I have lived in Harrowby for 44 years, and have a lot of friends there and residents who I still want to represent.”

He added: “It is people in Harrowby who have been talking to me about it and saying that it is Labour’s loss, and saying, ‘We don’t like it – it is dirty politics’.

“I’ve got to feel that I’m doing it for the right reasons. I want to help the people of Harrowby as I have done as a district councillor for the past four years.”

His decision comes as Coun Selby also announced this week that he will be running as an independent candidate in both the Harrowby ward and in the parliamentary election.

Coun Wells added: “It was a heart-wrenching decision. But I know that if I didn’t stand at all, I couldn’t become a charter trustee, and then I couldn’t become mayor of Grantham.”