Designs for £13.5m academy are revealed

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PLANS for the new £13.5m Priory Ruskin Academy were revealed this week at the Isaac Newton Shopping Centre.

The new building will be the final step in the formation of the new academy on a single site - off Rushcliffe Road, Grantham, if plans are approved.

Currently the academy, which was formed by the merger of Grantham Church School and Central Technology and Sports College, is still split into two sites but the majority of the students are at the Manthorpe Site, where the new academy will be.

Lincolnshire County Council academies project director Paul Holmes told the Journal he is pleased with the plans that have been produced by Shepherd Construction.

He said: “These are brilliant plans. We have heard a lot of evidence that children can and do learn better and behave better if they have got good surroundings.”

The new academy will be bigger than the current building as it is designed to accommodate the future growth of the school.

Vehicular access will remain from Rushcliffe Road but Mr Holmes said there will be a one-way system inside the academy and children will have access on foot or bike from North Parade.

Mr Holmes added: “I think the residents have appreciated the efforts we have made to improve the situation. We are never going to solve Grantham’s traffic problems but we will be encouraging cycling and walking.”

Spokesman for the academy Martin Mammatt is looking forward to seeing the new building completed.

He said: “We are all very excited by the project.

“It is a fantastic opportunity for the students and the whole of the Grantham community. We’re very impressed with the plans.”

The plans will be submitted to the council next month and will be before South Kesteven District Council planning committee in February. The plans are available to view at the academy in Rushcliffe Road on Monday from 6.30pm.

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