Designs for Grantham’s Margaret Thatcher statue expected in coming days

Margaret Thatcher could soon be subject of a Grantham statue.
Margaret Thatcher could soon be subject of a Grantham statue.
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The people of Grantham are to be asked their opinion on three designs for a planned Margaret Thatcher statue.

The three artist impressions are set to be released in the coming days by Grantham Community Heritage Association which is running a campaign to raise funds for a Margaret Thatcher statue in the town.

Helen Goral, chairman of Grantham Community Heritage Association, the body which also runs Grantham Museum, said: “We have had one through and are waiting on a couple more.

“The first one looks fantastic. It is really exciting.”

GCHA will be encouraging everyone in the town to come forward and express a view on the plans. Positive and negative reactions are expected.

Helen said: “It is going to be a controversial subject but we don’t want to hide from that. We want people involved, even though it is going to mean some negative feedback but I don’t think Margaret Thatcher would have wanted it any different.”

All three of the designs will set the statue outside. However, GCHA says it is yet to be decided where the best and most suitable position would be.

Helen said: “We are open for debate but the general feedback is that people would prefer for it to be outside.

“We would probably agree with that in terms of access for people. To have it outside would give people 24-hour access.

“The artist’s impressions should look wonderful but we can’t assume we would get planning permission so we want to work with South Kesteven District Council to get the best position possible.”

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