‘Desperate’ man went on mini crime spree

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AN unemployed man went on a short crime spree to help a friend who had fallen into debt with “rather unsavoury people”, Grantham magistrates’ heard.

Unemployed 20-year-old forklift driver Declan Kay of Valley Road, Grantham, faced two charges of theft and asked for eight further offences to be taken into account – all of which took place on May 22 and 23.

Kay admitted stealing three trailers valued at £12,000 from JTT Equipment in Belton Lane and fuel from Kimes bus depot in Folkingham. The eight other offences he asked to be taken into account included stealing petrol from a petrol station and admitting to stealing from other businesses, including AC Williams.

Daniel Paulson, prosecuting, said Kay drove a Land Rover Discovery into JTT Equipment before using the vehicle to remove three trailers each valued at £4,000. At Kimes bus depot, he used syphoning equipment to steal 12.5 litres of fuel.

Rory Macmillan, defending, said: “It was a misguided and desperate attempt to help a friend who had got into debt with some rather unsavoury people. Because his friend had a partner and child, he felt very strongly about the position his friend was in.

“He tried to raise the money in a legitimate way. Then, thereafter, he went on something of a short spree of stealing.”

Mr Macmillan said Kay admitted the other eight offences, even though: “they would not have been detected had he not admitted them”.

Mr Macmillan added: “He was not looking to gain himself from what he did. He now realises how stupidly he was thinking.

“He is sincerely sorry for his actions.”

Kay was ordered to complete 150 hours of community service and pay £500 in compensation to JTT Equipment.