Did council ask us if we’d like weekly collections?

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This week the people of Grantham have seen the arrogance of our elected council, with regard to the funding of weekly waste collections.

The Government department responsible for Communities and Local Government made the statement that councils which do not collect waste every week are offering a ‘second rate service’, yet South Kesteven District Council thinks it is above that.

How dare they speak for the people of Grantham, saying we are ‘satisfied’ with alternate weeks for rubbish collection?

£250 million is not a piddly amount to ignore, and as the sating goes: use it or lose it.

SKDC obviously think we as council tax payers aren’t worthy of a bit of Government funding, unless of course they dont want to lose face after the green bin charges were introduced.

My old friend Coun Ian Selby has the right idea, subsidise the green bins, or spend the money on something useful, for a change.

Ian Mutch

Belvoir Avenue, Grantham