Did council guess that we’re happy?

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The head of SKDC’s environmental services, Dave Banks says that residents of Grantham are satisfied with the current refuse collection service.

Could he please explain how he knows this?

There only two ways he can be that certain of his facts:

l the results of a referendum which, unless I have missed something, we clearly have not had;

l an opinion poll would give some indication of the thoughts of the Grantham people. However, I have not taken part in such a poll and it would be interesting to know if any one else has.

If we have had neither of the above then we can only conclude that Mr Banks is either guessing or a stranger to the truth.

Is this another example of politicians and government employees being certain they know better how to spend our money than we do?

Perhaps a reduction in local government expenses and overheads would ease the pressure on the budget.

The government says that any council that does not give a weekly refuse collection is giving a second rate service. Nothing new there then.

Barry Ladds