Did you see this tornado in the skies above the Vale of Belvoir?

Tornado above Buckminster, taken by Steve Houghton.
Tornado above Buckminster, taken by Steve Houghton.
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This tornado was spotted in the skies above Buckminster yesterday evening (Thursday).

Steve Houghton, of Thorpe Satchville near Melton Mowbray, sent in the snap showing the funnel forming off the base of a cloud.

He said; “I was travelling with friends along the B676 from Colsterworth when we spotted this just outside the village at 6.05pm. There was a lot of rotation at the base of the storm and the funnel cloud grew to quite a size, extending towards ground level from the cloud base before disappearing after about four minutes.

“It was an amazing experience and something I thought I’d never see in the UK.”

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