Disabled woman refused travel without card

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A DISABLED woman who wanted to take her grandchildren to Skegness on the train was angry when she was denied help getting from the platform.

Jackie Denningberg, who was registered disabled in 1981, uses a mobility scooter. Every year she takes her five grandchildren on a day trip to the seaside but when her daughter rang to book a ramp from the platform she was told it would not be possible.

Jackie, 66, said: “I’ve been told I can’t get on the train with my mobility scooter because I have to have a card that says I’m disabled, but nobody knows anything about it.”

This is the first year that Jackie has been told she needed a card but she was informed that the rule has been in place for four years.

She was told she could find a form online but would then need to post it, so this year she will not be able to go away as it would not be processed and approved in time.

She said: “I only want to go for a day trip. I’m seriously ill, I had to increase my drugs for the last few weeks to go out for one day. I’m annoyed. I’ve got to give up and not go - I haven’t got a choice.”

A spokesman for East Midlands Trains said they will try and help rearrange Jackie’s trip for next week.

She said the company is committed to meeting the needs of all its passengers, but some mobility aids are not designed for public transport, so checks were required for safety reasons.