‘Disappointment’ of county council over Grantham school’s refusal to participate in disability discrimination case

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Lincolnshire County Council says it is “extremely disappointed” by a school’s decision to refuse to participate in a tribunal hearing about disability discrimination.

National Junior School has been criticised for its treatment of a pupil suffering from autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and double incontinence (click on the link below for the story in full).

As reported, the Grantham school changed to academy status shortly after a complaint was lodged by the boy’s parents with the tribunal service, and as such is not legally accountable.

The county council is classed as the responsible body as the local authority, although the tribunal was sympathetic and found the council not responsible for any unlawful discrimination.

Director of children’s services Debbie Barnes said: “We have received the report and are pleased to see that the tribunal has confirmed that the local authority is in no way responsible for the unlawful discrimination that has been found.

“The council accepts the tribunal findings and is concerned at the way this pupil was treated as described by the tribunal judgement – all young people with disabilities should be given good, effective support that they deserve.

“We are extremely disappointed that the academy chose to use its new legal status to decline any contribution to proceedings. The report has been sent to the new governing body and we will be following up with a letter to ask them to take into account these serious findings.

“We would also be happy to offer training and other support to help the school implement the tribunal’s findings.”