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'Disgruntled' Grantham millennial hits out at 'rude' elderly and calls for respect for younger generation

A reader has spoken out about what she feels are bad manners often shown by Grantham's elderly community.

The millennial is calling for the baby boomers to stop looking down their noses at young people and show some respect.

Here's the letter in full:

Reader letter (14495147)
Reader letter (14495147)

"I am writing to complain about the lack of manners I feel many in the town have, especially the elderly community.

An older woman was huffing and puffing in a queue in a Grantham retail store today, clearly unimpressed with the wait, which was rather significant.

However, as the cashier and I were speaking and completing my order, I heard the woman behind me mutter something along the lines of “stupid girl”.

What she didn’t expect was for me to turn around and say “excuse me, do you have a problem?”.

She was so taken aback by me addressing it! She mumbled “no” and said something about worrying about her car parking ticket.

Unfortunately, I have noticed a lack of manners among people in this town who are of an older age. The passive aggressive rudeness is unreal!

You hear “respect your elders” but in my opinion, elders need to start listening to and respecting the younger generations.

You won’t listen to us when we demand social justice, call us snowflakes, which is all well and good when you’re sat on your hefty pensions and paid-for houses.

You laugh when we talk about the climate emergency despite there being scientific proof that in 18 months, if urgent changes aren’t implemented, the world as we know it won’t exist by 2050.

I’m sick of the baby boomers and the elderly treating Generation Z and millennials like rubbish, especially in a town like Grantham which has a higher national average for people aged 45 and above. Their manners can be appalling at times.

At least the younger generations care about the future to come.

I’m so glad I spoke up. The OAP woman was so shocked I called out her rudeness. It felt great!

I hope the older generations can put their often arrogant attitudes aside and start to learn from the youth."

A disgruntled millennial (name and address supplied)

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