‘Disgusting’ alley is blighting community and attracting rats

Rubbish lines the alleys in the College Street area.
Rubbish lines the alleys in the College Street area.
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SOILED clothing, broken beer bottles, discarded shopping trolleys, rotting food and an unwanted mattress.

Just some of the waste thrown into the alleys by a minority of people in the College Street area of Grantham for others to worry about and clean up.

Libby Simpson of Oxford Street contacted the Journal this week in the hope of shaming those responsible.

She said: “It’s disgusting, it really is. It is one or two people who should not be allowed to live alongside other people.

“It affects everyone because it attracts rats. I know because the council have shot several of them and I’ve seen my dog chasing them on a regular basis.”

Libby says the problem has been going on for years. At one time bin men would go down the alleys which helped but that is no longer the case.

She added: “The council had a big clean up towards the end of last year and did a fantastic job. Councillor Cook takes a walk around the square every so often and if it was not for the two of us the rubbish would never get moved at all.

“Strictly speaking it’s not the council’s problem because it’s private property but I’m getting fed up with it and having to ring the council on a regular basis.

“These people need to be shamed.”