Do something to impress old grumps like myself

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COMMENTS are invited on David Burling’s ideas written in his column (Journal, October 21).

Labour’s David Burling refers to “Confidence ... that everyone seems to bang on about” before banging on about business confidence and consumer confidence, a crisis of confidence afflicting the whole of Grantham and a lack of confidence – ad infinitum.

Whilst many of us would agree with the examples he cites, it is sad that he has chosen to apply so much negative emphasis to what is happening in Grantham - in itself a destroyer of confidence.

Many will wish David Burling success in raising Grantham’s confidence at the present moment in time, but, rather than suggesting vague generalities, it would have been helpful to see some specific, detailed proposals as to how he would actually ‘secure funding’ and ‘attract businesses’.

Grantham needs positive, practical ideas from politicians of all persuasions; after all, the Journal has no shortage of brickbats from grumpy old commentators like me!


Bourne Road, Colsterworth