Does anybody care about us anymore?

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The closure of Harrison House is a great loss to the town.

I agree with Mrs Dawson concerns in last week’s Grantham Journal, and at the time was waiting for a reply from Lincolnshire County Council, and also MP Nick Boles about the reduction in Adult Care, and the closure of Harrison House.

Terry Hawkins of LCC replied to my e-mail, and mentioned the Shaping Care Review, and Personal Budget.

The bumf says: ‘The Council has given a very public commitment that no existing service will cease until new replacement services are in place. It is therefore proposed that Harrison House is retained and Directly Provided Services deliver 15 intermediate care beds, 12 respite, and 5 day care places. The council can explore the closure of Harrison House within 2/3 years.’

When Harrison House closes, everyone will be assessed on a points system and it will then be decided how much money they can receive towards their care.

I suggest people contact Terry Hawkins, Interim Assistant Director - Adult Care and also Mr Boles.

Mr Hawkins has assured me that people will not be left without support, and that alternative care will be found.

Perhaps those people directly involved today could write to the Journal and let us know if their needs will be met when Harrison House closes.

Also, other adults that use day centres could let us know how, via the GJ, their needs are being met, and if alternative help is being given to them.

Doreen Bass

Worcester Road