Does Mayor think we are all stupid?

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In response to Cllr Mike Taylor’s claim that the no vote on council housing stock transfer in 2006 was a big mistake - no it wasn’t.

Cllr Taylor believes council tenants would have benefited from LSVT (Large Scale Voluntary Transfer.) Well over 74 per cent of those that voted felt we were better off staying with the council.

He goes on to say the Labour party had a big campaign – does he also think that all council tenants vote Labour? Does he not think we have minds of our own?

If we were able to keep the £7.7 million of our rent money that we have to give to central government each year to support poor performing councils, we would be laughing.

We did not need to transfer. Our stock meets the decent homes standard, and we have a yearly ongoing improvements program.

The self–financing model will benefit both the council and its tenants.

Anne Clark

Chairman of Earlesfield Neighbourhood Group

Chairman of South Kesteven District Association