Does Nick Boles support slavery?

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Nick Boles’ defence (Journal 2 March) of the government’s workfare “work experience” scheme is disgusting.

It is not true that no-one is forced onto the scheme, where unemployed people have to work without getting any wages, as Nick Boles must surely know.

If he really wanted young people to get real work experience, it would be done through schools, for a few days.

The Conservative Government is forcing people to work for weeks without pay, and calling it “work experience”.

That is slavery, by any definition.

This scheme has nothing to do with cutting unemployment. People on the scheme have been told that they cannot have time off for job interviews, and this government is putting up unemployment as fast as it can.

In fact, it will increase unemployment, as those who still have jobs get replaced by slaves. It may happen in stages: first your overtime goes because the slaves are doing it, then they stop filling vacancies because slaves are cheaper, and then you lose your own job. Then the Job Centre sends you back to do your old job as “work experience”. You just don’t get paid anymore.

Nick Boles even has the cheek to complain that those firms that support slavery are being “bullied.”

Perhaps Mr Boles has failed to grasp that this country is still a democracy, and if people wish to express their opposition to what the Government, or a company, is doing, then they are allowed to.

NB. Expect protests in Grantham soon.

John Morgan

Harrowby Road, Grantham