Dog owners in Grantham area join search for missing Willow

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Kindhearted residents from Grantham and surrounding villages have joined forces in recent weeks to search for Willow, a timid Staff cross terrier that escaped from a car following a road traffic accident.

Andrea McHugh, from Vivian Close, Grantham, said: “Willow has been missing for over two months now, having escaped from a car that was involved in an accident on September 29. The accident happened at the Marston/Grantham junction of the A1 and Willow’s owner, who lives in Doncaster was badly injured. Finding Willow would really help her recovery.

“A Find Willow Facebook group now has nearly 500 members and for the past week people have been doing a coordinated dawn/dusk watch in cars around Fulbeck as that is where Willow was last sighted. There were also sightings in Caythorpe and Normanton.

“We don’t know if Willow is on the move again, but we would ask locals to please look out for her and report any sightings to 07742 913 378.

“She is a fawn coloured staffie cross bitch, described as medium sized and has a long tail. Her coat may well be darker and longer than in the photographs and she is very sweet natured and timid, so we ask people not to try and catch her, but to report any sightings so that feed stations and a trap can be set up.

“Members of the Find Willow Facebook group, and members of the community have been amazing in trying to find this lovely dog. We are all dog owners and can identify with how the owner must be feeling, knowing that she is out there somewhere in the cold. It is all the more poignant as Willow was a rescue dog that was saved from drug dealers who dumped her in a dustbin when she was a puppy.

“We know that many people are not on Facebook, and the more people that know about Willow, the more chance we will have of getting her home. Getting Willow home safe and sound would be the best Christmas present ever for her owner and also for the people who have been searching.”