Don’t blame strikers for failings of Government

Striking : PWG Barracks. 977B
Striking : PWG Barracks. 977B
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THE answer to your question (Journal, November 25) Does MP Nick Boles have a point on pensions? No. Look at the facts: the only tool the public sector workers have is to withdraw their services.

You cannot negotiate with an arrogant government such as Cameron, Osborne, Hague and now Gove, whose sarcastic comments will only increase the divide.

Mr Boles lives in a world of high salaries, excessive expenses for MPs and MEPs who dictate to others, while living in cuckoo land.

Perhaps Mr Boles would inform us of the amount of pension MPs enjoy?

The ‘fragile’ economy he refers to: can this be because of the money wasted in constant wars? The NHS wastes £100 million plus a year on overpaying for drugs alone; £37,000 on the portrait of Bercow; £7,000 on a coat of arms and millions wasted on benefits. Why we need so many MPs remains a mystery, when mostly it seems you put three together and they can’t agree.

We are on the brink of tipping into recession, yet the government allows a quarter of a million immigrants in last year. Who’s going to keep them, provide housing and benefits? The infrastructure cannot cope. For example: look at the reservoirs such as Rutland Water and Cropston which have very low levels - what are the others like?

Finally, I suggest Mr Boles engages with the nurses and public service personnel. Most will tell you they have been paying £100 plus each month into their pension pot.

Over 40 years this would yield £224,399 in the NP scheme. Would Mr Boles tell us just where this money has gone? I know where – on unaffordable borrowing, forgetting it needs to be paid back.

Our debts total almost one trillion, now. This talk of recovery the Chancellor predicts is a veil being pulled over the public’s eyes.

Mr Boles, don’t blame the public sector workers, cast the out of touch leadership of Cameron and co as villains. Come on, get together - divided we will fall, or have we fallen?


Chapel Row, Skillington