‘Dozy Parker’ a danger on a ‘blind corner’ – Grantham reader

A 'Dozy Parker' in Saltersford Grove, Grantham
A 'Dozy Parker' in Saltersford Grove, Grantham
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The inconsiderate actions of this ‘Dozy Parker’ has angered a resident of Saltersford Grove, Grantham.

She sent in this photograph to highlight the dangers of parking on a ‘blind corner’, saying: “This occurs on average at least once a day, if not more, with different vehicles for at least a couple of hours or more at a time. They are usually parked where this picture shows or directly opposite, or just round the top left corner of this photo.

“There are quite high hedgerows on either corner property, making this a blind corner coming from either side of Saltersford Road. Hence if you have to pull round the pictured vehicle there’s the possibility of being hit by an oncoming vehicle.”

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