Dramatic car chase by Grantham couple

The stolen BMW.
The stolen BMW.
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While most only experience car chases watching action films and TV cop shows, a Grantham couple found themselves in their own dramatic pursuit when a thief stole their prized sports car in the early hours of yesterday.

Woken by the distinctive revving engine of his wife’s black BMW 1 Series convertible, Kevin Bohea jumped out of bed at 4am and rushed to the window to see that the car was missing from their driveway in Lindisfarne Way.

Kevin Bohea in his BMW which he drove in pursuit of the stolen car.

Kevin Bohea in his BMW which he drove in pursuit of the stolen car.

Kevin said: “I ran back into the bedroom and woke up my wife Tracey, saying ‘Come on, someone is stealing your car!’ ”

Despite being barefoot and in their pyjamas, the couple, both aged 43, jumped into Kevin’s BMW 5 Series car and began chasing the stolen vehicle, which they could still hear further up the road.

Tracey said: “At that point the adrenaline just kicked in and we managed to catch up with my car when it got to the roundabout by the Muddle Go Nowhere pub.”

While Kevin pursued the car as it made a diversion into Sedgebrook, Tracey was giving a running commentary to police about their whereabouts and soon patrol cars had also joined in the pursuit.

Kevin and Tracey Bohea.

Kevin and Tracey Bohea.

Tracey said: “It was like something you see on police cop cameras on television.

“But I have to say the police were great – they were there in support in minutes. There is police footage of the stolen car, us following, and then the police cars soon after.”

However, as the two cars made their way through Sedgebrook, it became apparent that the driver was aware he was being trailed and, when he got the chance, returned the car to the faster A52, heading towards Nottingham.

Undeterred, Kevin and Tracey followed, but watched aghast as their stolen vehicle dangerously overtook a lorry on a blind bend and almost collided with an oncoming car on the other side of the road.

“It was getting too dangerous and I said to Tracey it’s not worth the risk. The police were in pursuit at that point so we let them get on with it,” said Kevin.

The experience though is something which the couple are still reeling from, and for Kevin it means he can now match the stories told by his cousin who is a pursuit officer for West Sussex police.

“I got a taste of what he does - I couldn’t do it for a living!” adds Kevin.

Now the priority for the couple is to find their car, which police believe may still be in the area as in their experience car thieves often abandon stolen vehicles first to check that they do not have a tracker.

After speaking to police the Kevin and Tracey immediately went out looking for the car again themselves, and are asking members of the public to call the police if there are any sightings.

They are hoping that the car’s rare specification, being a BMW 1 series 125i black cabriolet convertible with distinctive red, white and blue MSport badges on the front and back, will help people spot it.

The covertible also had a personalised number plate T80 HEA, although this may have already been removed.

“We don’t want to let them get away with it,” adds Kevin, “We worked hard for what we’ve got, and it’s not right for someone to just come along and take it.”

Any witnesses or anyone with information on sightings should call police on 101.