Driving instructor says roadworks in Grantham are “crazy”

Traffic problems in Grantham.
Traffic problems in Grantham.
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A driving instructor says roadworks and a temporary one-way system in town “beggar belief”.

Kevin Bridge, of Grantham Driving School, has been stuck in queues of traffic on Springfield Road and Harlaxton Road this morning.

A one-way system is in operation on Springfield Road from the London Road junction to Springfield Road, and a four-way traffic light system is in place at the Springfield Road junction with Harlaxton Road for electrical repairs.

Mr Bridge said: “What’s really getting on my nerves is while I am sitting in this queue there are only two men working on these electrical problems. One is brushing the road and the other has a shovel. For such a major junction it beggars belief. There are thousands of cars coming out of the estates using this junction.”

Mr Bridge added: “There are motorists ignoring the one way signs and still heading down Springfield Road. I came through the bridge earlier and there was no one working on it. There was a just a sign which said ‘Monitoring in progress’. All the traffic is going up Springfield Road and then turning right in Harlaxton Road where they have to join another long queue.”

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