Drunk man stole whiskey from budget supermarket in Grantham

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A 64-year-old man got drunk and tried to steal a bottle of whiskey from Lidl.

Ricky Peacock of Belmont Grove in Grantham went into Lidl in Union Street at 3.15pm on October 31 and took the bottle of whiskey without paying.

A member of staff tried to confront Peacock who dropped the bottle and tried to run away but was caught.

Edward Johnson, prosecuting, said police officers reported Peacock was being abusive when he was arrested.

Rob Arthur, defending, said Peacock had been ill and depressed so turned to drink.

He said: “It is relevant the time Mr Peacock was at the store was 3.15 in the afternoon. That clearly indicates a man who has got up in the morning and started drinking.”

Mr Arthur added that Peacock, who admitted the shop theft, has already sought help for his alcohol problems.

Mr Arthur said: “He is clearly someone who realises he needs help. He has actively grasped the nettle and seen both his GP and Addaction.”

Peacock was given a 12-month conditional discharge. He must also pay costs of £85 and £17.99 in compensation along with a £15 surcharge.