Dumped cats leaves Grantham ROCK penniless

Cath Rowson, of Grantham ROCK, and the box she found cats taped into.
Cath Rowson, of Grantham ROCK, and the box she found cats taped into.
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Relief at raising £600 towards caring for homeless cats on the run-up to Christmas soon turned into anger when 11 cats were dumped at Grantham Rescue of Cats and Kittens.

In one fell swoop, the entire lump of cash had to spent on neutering the animals, causing great upset to Cath Rowson, who runs the rescue centre from her home in Redcross Street.

Cath said: “I’m so angry. We have nothing now to put in the bank.

“It takes weeks and weeks to plan fund-raisers, even though it was only a tombola and selling cakes. These things don’t happen overnight. And now we have nothing.”

Even more distressing was the way in which the cats had been left – one was taped into a small box which left her no room to move.

The first lot of animals, four cats and two kittens, were dumped in the early hours of Saturday. Cath was woken by a wailing sound and went downstairs to investigate. After searching the back garden she looked over the fence and into the passageway running alongisde her home, where she spotted the boxes.

Just hours later, two six-month-old cats were left, followed by another three cats on Sunday.

Cath has run Grantham ROCK for more than 10 years. Throughout that time, she has pressed the importance of neutering and spaying pet cats to prevent them reproducing.

In a bid to reduce the number of unwanted kittens being born, she will give financial help to cat-owners who cannot afford to have their pet neutered/spayed. All they have to do is ask, said Cath.

She added: “If they need help I will give it to them. Please, please, please just ask. Then you can have your cat back. What I don’t want is people leaving it too late, then their cat has kittens andthen they decide they can’t cope at all and give them all up.”

On average, it costs Grantham ROCK £100 per cat taken in – that covers neutering/spaying, food, litter, fleaing and worming, and blood tests if needed.

Grantham ROCK receives no funding to help it operate – Cath fund-raises and accepts donations to keep the rescue centre running.

Anyone donations of litter, food and, most importantly, cash, are gratefully received.

** If you can help Grantham ROCK, donations can be left at 41 Redcross Street. If you wish to rehome a cat, call 01476 571636.