Duo still making us laugh

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I very much enjoyed reading your recent article about the visit of Laurel and Hardy to Grantham.

As a big fan of the “Boys” I recently started a Laurel and Hardy Club at Barkston and Syston Primary School as I realised there was a connection between Stan and the village.

It was quite a coincidence that three weeks after starting this club you happened to feature Stan and Ollie in your paper.

I read the article out to the children who were generally amazed to find out that their heroes actually visited Barkston!

The children have been enjoying a great variety of Laurel and Hardy’s short films over the last few weeks and I am glad to say that even though many years have passed since the death of these comedy greats, their comedy still lives on in the minds of the children of Barkston Primary School.

Hopefully this is a legacy that will live on for many more years.

Andy White

(Barkston and Syston Primary School)