Easton fire: Firefighters continue to tackle “pockets” of fire

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Five fire crews have been tackling “pockets” of fire at the Norbert Dentressangle site in the last few hours where a number of cold storage units were destroyed in a massive blaze which began just after 3pm yesterday.

Hundreds of workers were evacuated from the Norbert site and from the PAS frozen food factory next door. Nobody was reported injured.

Fire at Easton. 347D

Fire at Easton. 347D

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Service says debris and unburnt insulation may have been blown downwind from the site but that it was harmless. However, they say if anybody is concerned by debris from the blaze they should contact the Environment Agency.

Residents living nearby were warned by police yesterday to shut windows and doors because of the possibility of toxic fumes and asbestos dust.