Eating Out: Breakfast in a wrap....I’m not really enjoying it

McDonalds in Grantham
McDonalds in Grantham
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As a father of two children, McDonald’s is a fairly frequent destination for a meal, but breakfast is something I have rarely tried at the fast food restaurant.

I am not averse to the odd stop-off at the Grantham restaurant and ordering a McChicken Sandwich, but the breakfast wrap has been heavily advertised recently and so I thought lets put it to the test.

After ordering the Breakfast Wrap meal with a coffee I was asked to take a seat as it wasn’t ready. I sat down with the steaming hot coffee and two minutes later the wrap was delivered to my table . The woman who brought me my breakfast even came back again to bring me some napkins. If there is anything about that morning I cannot fault, it is the service!

The wrap, however, is not something I am in a hurry to try again. The soft tortilla contains a free range egg, pork patty, bacon and potato rosti and comes with tomato ketchup or brown sauce.

There’s plenty there for less than £4, but for all that there is little taste. It’s a pretty bland mixture. Out of all the ingredients the bacon was certainly lacking and what little of it there was, was too crispy. The rosti, patty and egg all make a plentiful morning meal, but again they add little taste. Thank goodness for the ketchup.

So many of us visit McDonald’s, we know what to expect and we go because it’s convenient. I am happy to go there for the odd evening meal, but I don’t think I will be making a beeline for the place before I go to work in future.