Athlete Sam Ruddock inspires pupils at Belton Lane Primary School in Grantham

Sam Ruddock at Belton Lane School. 941D
Sam Ruddock at Belton Lane School. 941D
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A paralympic athlete inspired schoolchildren with the story of his amazing achievements.

Sam Ruddock, 23, competed as a sprinter in the London Games in 2012 just six months after taking up running.

But even more remarkably, he had been told by doctors he would be confined to a wheelchair after he was born with a form of cerebral palsy,

The condition affects coordination and balance, especially in the legs, but despite this he played basketball, rugby and American football while studying for a degree at Loughborough University.

The athlete captivated children at Belton Lane Primary School with a message that anything is possible with a will to succeed.

Belton Lane was one of half a dozen schools in the district linked to the Inspire+ network which Sam visited on the day.

He is an ambassador for the educational charity, which encourages youngsters to adopt healthy lifestyles, and engage in sport.

At Belton he entertained the whole school with his story, making the point that anything is possible with belief, hard work and a refusal to give up.

Inspire+ operations manager Chris Graves, who accompanied Sam said: “This has been a truly inspiring day.

“Sam has so much energy when speaking with the children and he really gets his messages across.”