Barrowby families win appeals to send children to local school

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Three families in Barrowby have won their appeals to send their children to the local school after their first choice was rejected earlier this year.

One parent, Andy Blackwell, of Hedgefield Road, Barrowby, told the Journal the news was fantastic. His son Marty is now looking forward to attending Barrowby Primary School.

Mr Blackwell said: “Hearing the news we’d won was like discovering that Liverpool FC had won the Premiership; shocking, unbelievable and at the same time utterly fantastic.

He added: “In truth none of us thought we had a chance of winning - we went through the appeals process largely out of stubbornness and the feeling that we had to at least try - so when we rang up the day after the appeal hearing only to be told that ‘Your appeal has been upheld’ we thought that meant we’d lost and it was only when the lady on the phone translated that as ‘You’ve been successful’ that the tears started flowing - it was very emotional.

“All three village families are overjoyed at this result, so much so that we are all meeting up for celebratory drinks at our local pub, the White Swan.”

Megan-Kayte Watkin, another Barrowby parent who sucessfully appealed, said: “I’d like to express how happy we all are that common sense finally prevailed.”

In April numerous parents told the Journal they were furious because their first choice of school, and in many cases second and even third choices, had been rejected.