Barrowby father furious his son cannot go to local school

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A father who lives in Barrowby has added his voice to those parents who are furious that their children have not got into the primary schools they have chosen.

Andy Blackwell, of Hedgefield Road, says his son has been rejected by Barrowby Primary School because he’s an only child and lives 0.7 miles away from the school.

In his blog, Mr Blackwell, who runs a plumbing business, says: “Let’s suppose that you were born in to a village and have lived there all your short life. Let’s also suppose that your father’s entire family live in this village, that your sole surviving grandparent lives in the village, that your father’s business is based in the village and your mother’s business is also based in the village. It’s now time for you to start school . . . would you suppose that you’d be allowed to attend the village school? If your answer is “but of course” then I am afraid to tell you that you are blissfully naive and 
destined to be disappointed.”

Mr Blackwell’s comments come after scores of parents contacted the Journal to complain that they had not received places for their children at their preferred schools, even though a Lincolnshire County Council statement said that 93 per cent of parents in the county were given their first choice. Some parents in Grantham didn’t receive any of their three choices.

The county council says parents can submit revised preferences – call 01522 782030 for a form and return it by noon on May 22. They can also appeal by May 15.

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