Breaking news: Education trust confirms its interest in taking over Charles Read Academy in Corby Glen

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The chief executive of an education trust which is interested in taking over a Corby Glen school threatened with closure has issued a statement.

As reported online yesterday (Tuesday), the David Ross Education Trust is in talks with the West Grantham Acamdemy, which plans to close Charles Read Academy, over a proposal to take it over.

This morning, the David Ross Education Trust confirmed that it has expressed an interest for the secondary school to join its network of academies.

Chief executive Wendy Marshall said: “I can confirm that the trust has been speaking to West Grantham Academies Trust about the future of Charles Read.

“We already have a number of smaller schools in our network, so appreciate the issues that an academy like Charles Read faces. Furthermore, as we have shown with academies like King Edward VI in Spilsby, which has a little over 400 students and was one of the country’s most improved schools last year, we have the expertise and resources to address similar challenges.

“The trust believes that it could offer the academy long-term stability and its students some unique enrichment opportunities. It is important to reiterate that at this stage no formal decision has been made.

“Before anything can be finalised, the minister and the Department for Education need to agree that this is the right course of action for both Charles Read and the David Ross Education Trust. We also have to complete our own review of the academy’s long-term viability and ensure that staff, parents and students see us as an appropriate sponsor.”

The David Ross Education Trust is a multi-academy sponsor that currently supports 13 academies across the East Midlands and East of England. It says it has a passion for supporting schools in rural communities.

The trust is the education arm of the David Ross Foundation. David, who was born and grew up in Lincolnshire, went to a small rural school during the early part of his education, and remains passionate about supporting young people and academies in the area near to where he still lives.