Charles Read Academy principal says ‘hang on in there’

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The headteacher of Charles Read Academy in Corby Glen has told parents and pupils to ‘hang on in there’ as the future of the school remains uncertain.

Ali Story says there are reasons to be positive about the school’s future, with the latest OFSTED report and news of talks taking place between the West Grantham Academies Trust and a potential sponsor.

The trust revealed plans earlier this year to close Charles Read in 2014, moving more than 200 pupils to St Hugh’s in Grantham

Mrs Story said: “It’s a difficult time for staff, students and parents and we have all been working hard to make sure the educational standards are maintained despite the turbulence around us and I think this OFTED report confirms that we are improving in so many different areas. So, if we are given the opportunity to stay open we will improve further.”

Mrs Story said: “Some parents are taking their children out of school because they want to know where their children will be for the coming years, and a lot of parents are still staying because they do believe there will be another sponsor.

“I think the future is brighter. We have to hang on in there. I am feeling very positive and I want to keep what we have stable and calm.”

There have been rumours that Carphone Warehouse founder Sir Charles Dunstone could be the potential sponsor who has been talking to the trust, but no one has confirmed this. Sir Charles sponsors a school in Lancashire. He was a pupil at Uppingham School.