Children ‘thrive’ at Belton nursery, says report

Woodlands Nursery
Woodlands Nursery
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A hotel-based nursery has received an all-round ‘good’ rating from school inspectors.

Ofsted gave the grade to Woodlands Nursery, which operates from Belton Woods Hotel, Belton.

School inspectors visited last month and praised the school’s leadership and management, the quality of its teaching, learning and assessment, the personal, development and welfare of children, plus outcomes for children.

Manager Nicola Kirby was praised for how she allocates responsibility, stating: “This works effectively to maintain high-quality care and learning and builds on staff strengths.”

The report also said: “The deputy manager monitors the progress made by both individual and groups of children. This helps her to identify where support is needed to maintain children’s good progress.”

Ofsted reported that the staff “demonstrate consistently good teaching” and are “quick to follow the cues of babies.”

They also provide children with “a range of exciting and stimulating activities” both indoors and outdoors, including exploring the hotel grounds to see wildlife.

The report continued: “Children arrive happy and settle well. They have a good relationship with staff and demonstrate that they feel safe and emotionally secure. Staff work well with parents and other settings that children attend. They share information about children’s learning

It also said: “Children thrive in this invitinhg and stimulating environment”

Woodlands Nursery has 11 staff teaching 48 children aged up to four years.

Manager Nicola Kirby said of the report: “We are really pleased, really chuffed.

“The staff have worked really hard for this. We expected a ‘good’ rating and we are working towards outstanding but everything keeps changing and the standards get higher.”

“Only occasionally,” she said, citing the report, “do the staff not make the most of the opportunities to extend and build upon the children’s learning.”

The school celebrated the report with a staff night out and children’s party.”