Deadline for Grantham school crossing consultation nears

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A ward and county councillor says a plan for a zebra crossing outside St Anne’s Primary School in Grantham needs to be reviewed.

Coun Charmaine Morgan says she is concerned that Lincolnshire County Council Highways department “has not been listening to residents” and is pushing ahead with plans for the crossing on Harrowby Road. Consultation with about 550 households in the area has been made with the deadline for responses at the end of this month.

Coun Morgan, who is ward councillor for St Anne’s and county councillor for South Grantham, said: “I was extremely concerned that LCC Highways have not been listening to residents and called a meeting with Paul Coatup, Assistant Director Highways. He agreed to discuss my concerns with Brian Thomson, Area Manager, who met me last week. After a positive discussion he has agreed that once public responses are received regarding the proposed crossing that he will sit down with me to review these. At the meeting he explained that his team will consider reinstating a lollipop person, but because the former lollipop man was injured by a passing car an external health and safety check was completed and found the site, in its present state, to be unsafe. That is why Highways have been so determined to pursue an official crossing.”

Coun Morgan added: “I oppose the current plans which are ‘over-engineered’. I believe they are not only potentially less safe than the current situation but also would have a significant negative impact on the residents and parents, along with customers to the businesses using the Church Hall. All need to be able to park in the area proposed for the crossing.”

After meetings with residents, parents, school governors and other members of the community, Coun Morgan said there was overwhelming support for a lollipop person to be reinstated. She said she also recommended that a speed limit of 20mph and better signage be introduced on Harrowby Road, a weight restriction on HGVs, a pedestrian crossing at the junction of Bridge End Road and Harrowby Road, which would serve the broader community as well as parents of children at St Anne’s School, and speed cameras.

Coun Morgan said: “I requested a survey outside the cemetery last year. It was done during the school holiday and found vehicles travelling up to 49 miles an hour. That’s nearly 20mph than the speed limit. I now have the contact details of the police officer responsible for designating speed cameras across the county and if we cannot get a permanent camera I will be requesting the regular provision of a temporary camera.

“It is my opinion that the Highways officers need to revisit this plan, listen to the ideas of residents presented within the petition as alternative and more acceptable solutions and reinstate our lollipop person.”

Coun Morgan said she would be delivering survey responses to Lincoln on Thursday.