Exam records tumble in an outstanding year

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KING’S School pupils set new school records this year, while all 146 candidates have walked away with at least five A*-C grade GCSEs, including English and Maths.

Almost half of students’ exams (47.2 per cent) were graded at A or A*.

Riaz Fazal was surprised and delighted to earn eight A* grades, three A’s and two B’s.

He said: “I’m pretty happy with that. I didn’t think I did that well but it has turned out really well.

“I tried to act cool on the way to school this morning but I was feeling nervous.

“I’m hoping to go to university one day to study medicine - if all goes as well as it has today!”

Daniel Coetsee was pleased with his results, achieving four A’s and five B’s. Daniel’s achievement is all the more remarkable given he has battled leukaemia for much of his time at King’s.

Proud mum Kelly Stewart said: “Considering he missed a year I can’t believe how well he has done.

“I’m so chuffed for him. He had to push himself that much further for his exams.”

Headteacher Charles Dormer said: “It has been another very good set.

“We have been particularly pleased with the mathematics results, with students averaging an A-grade, so it is worth saying we are absolutely outsstanding in maths by country and national standards.”

Mr Dormer said the school will be using its excellence in this area to work with Grantham primary school in mathematics - starting with Huntingtower Primary School.

Students at Walton Girls’ High School enjoyed another outstanding year, with six high-flying students - Georgina Dixon, Rebecca Eaton, Rachel Wilkins, Suzannah Fleming, Amber Coggins and Eleanor Chappell - picking up ten or more A or A* grades.

Rachel Wilkins was delighted to find she had been awarded four A* grades and nine A’s.

She said: “It is better than I was expecting and my mum is very proud.

“I’m planning to stay here and study English, RE and art.”

Ellie Chappell far exceeded her own expectations and is planning to go to KGGS sixth form next year.

She said: “I was expecting to just get C’s and stuff so I’m very happy.”

Amber Coggins will join Ellie at KGGS next year after picking up A*’s in geography, biology, chemistry and RE.

She said: “I did better than I expceted and I’m pleased with all of my results.”

St Hugh’s Academy Principal Louis Bennett was ecstatic with the results of her pupils.

She said: “It has been a very good year, with a new school record for the number of pupils getting 5 A*’s to C, 92 per cent.

“It is just desserts for an extremely hard year’s work for staff and students.”

Mrs Bennett said 99 per cent of her students had already secured places either at college, work or on apprenticeships.

She said: “A lot of the students came in to get their results but said they had to leave quickly to get back to work!”

The school’s head boy, Harry Garner, was one of the highest achieving students, picking up GCSEs in English, maths, French, history and double science. He also achieved a distinction star for Btec engineering, sport and ICT as well as a young apprenticeship in engineering.

Tasha Sandall receieved GCSEs in English, maths, double science, art, history and French along with Btec merits in engineering and science.

School senior director Helena Brothwell said: “We have also had very, very promising Year 10 results.”

Kesteven and Grantham Girls’ School has once again plenty to celebrate.

The school has returned to its best this year, siding with its best results of 2009 with 58 per cent of exams resulting in an A* or A grade.

Headteacher Graham Burks praised his girls and teachers. He said: “There are still improvements that can be made but the staff made a real effort this year and they have been rewarded.

“The girls have been focussed, responded well to the extra help available and we have received excellent support from parents.

“It’s good news for our students who can now make a confident start to their sixth form studies.”

Roisin Huskinson, from Sudbrook, made her teachers very proud by walking away with 14.5 A* grades. Although she had anticipated nothing below an A, to get A*s across the board blew her away.

She said: “I put in a lot of hard work. To celebrate, I’m going to home and chill out for a bit because I’ve been doing prep for A-levels as well.”

Roisin plans to attend KGGS sixth form and study biology, chemistry, physics, maths and further maths, before going on to study veterinary science at Cambridge.

Roisin is joined on her top performer spot by Costanza Pearce.

Another in the handful of pupils who excelled in the A* bracket is Grace Richardson, from Oasby.

Shaking with nerves, she opened her envelope to find 10 A*s and five As on her grade sheet.

She said: “I didn’t want to open it at first, I was stood there for ages.

“Now I’m really, really happy. I did better than I expected.”

At the Priory Ruskin Academy, headteacher Clive Shepherd has revealed the school is now in the top 10 per cent nationwide thanks to a marked improvement in GCSE results.

Eighty-four per cent have achieved at least five A-C grades, up on last year’s 76 per cent. Meanwhile, the percentage of students gaining at least five A-C grades including English and maths has risen from 40 to 50 this year.

Mr Shepherd said: “They’ve done exceptionally well. A complete change in culture is behind that, and the massive amount of hard work staff and students have put in over the past year.

“We’ve seen a total change of attitude form students. They want to do well now.

“We’re very proud of how far we’ve come.”

PupilRobert Start said: “I’m so pleased with my results. I got an A in PE so I’m hoping to go on to study sports coaching at Loughborough.”

Finally, students at Grantham College also have plenty to be proud of, with a 100 per cent pass rate. Fifty six per cent gained A* to C grades.

For Stacey Dawson and Simon Nelmes, their good grades will allow them to study at university.

Stacey, 27, plans to study midwifery, while Simon, also 27, will train to be a paramedic.

He said: “I’m happy with my grades, it means I can fo to uni and that means I’m a winner!”

College deputy principal Kelvin Nash said: “Maths and English GCSE are key qualifications to have both for further study and employment. We offer the opportunity for students who struggled at school to attain a C or above in maths and English to re sit following further tuition.

“It is really good to see so many of our students pass who thought they would never be able to! It’s testament to their hard work and our talented teaching staff.”