Folk dancers teach kids some moves

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FORGET hip hop and street dance, folk dancing is the style of choice at St Anne’s Primary School.

Children in Years 2 and 4 were treated to a special folk dancing display last Wednesday by a group of ladies who have recently been using the school hall to practise their moves.

Year 2 pupil Margaret Ingham said: “The selection of ladies who took part have been dancing as a group since 1982 and for the last month they have been using the school hall to meet and practise. They kindly agreed to demonstrate and teach some of their fancy moves.”

The group of ladies performed three of their dance routines, entitled The First of April, The Rose Tree and The Jubilee Rag.

Year 4 pupil Lizi Davies said: “We were very intrigued with the gramophone and the LPs that provided the music.”

As a thank you for the dancing display and for teaching the children some folk dance moves, pupils presented the ladies with gifts.

The children were so impressed with the display they have already requested a return visit.

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