GCSE performance at Charles Read is down to the ‘most difficult year in our history’

Charles Read Academy, Corby Glen.
Charles Read Academy, Corby Glen.
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A turbulent year has seen a rural academy enter the GCSE league table not far from the bottom.

Charles Read Acadmey in Corby Glen placed 51 from the bottom of the table, published on Thursday.

The David Ross Educational Trust took over the school after West Grantham Academies Trust unveiled plans to close it down.

Principal Ali Story referred to the last academic year as “easily the most difficult in our history”.

She added: “With the threat of closure, and the resultant loss of a high number of students and some talented staff, the school was in a difficult predicament. Since joining the David Ross Education Trust in September, however, Charles Read Academy has been reborn.”

Further subjects are being taught and new staff are joining the team, she added, going on to say: “The enrichment opportunities that we are providing are inspiring and motivating our pupils. As an example, next week we are sending 10 students to the Netherlands as part of an eco-project funded by the British Council. Our most talented artists are about to go to a masterclass hosted by the royal portrait painter. Students in Years 8 and 9 will shortly be heading off on an outward bound residential and we have trips to the House of Lords and visits by sporting stars in the calendar for February.

“The whole school has a new lease of life, and all indications from the mock exams and coursework show the impact that this is having on how our students are performing in the classroom.

“I am delighted by what we are achieving as a community, and look forward to seeing the smiling faces at Charles Read Academy this summer.”