Grantham girls take to the stage for public speaking competition

Walton Girls' High School pupils take part in a Rotary Youth Speaks competition.
Walton Girls' High School pupils take part in a Rotary Youth Speaks competition.
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Two teams from Walton Girls’ High School went to the semi-final round of the Youth Speaks public speaking competition.

The event was held at Catmose College in Oakham and seven teams from their own district competed.

The two teams, one Year 10 and one Year 11, both won the Grantham heats but did not progress on to the next stage. Despite this they had a “wonderful” night and enjoyed listening to the other speeches.

The teams consisted of Team A - Allanna Rowland (main speaker), Hannah Pritchard (chairperson) and Rebekah Fox (expresser of thanks); and Team B - Charlotte Castell­-Smith (main speaker), Megan Wynn (chairperson) and Hannah Armson (expresser of thanks).

Both teams spoke with clarity and good diction on the night. Team A’s speech title was ‘Who influences us more; Role models or Celebrities?’

They spoke about their personal role models and how celebrities influence society. They reminded the audience of how easy it is to forget who our real role models are - for each team member it was their family or people close to them - and how we can easily confuse them for celebrities.

Team B’s speech title was ‘The Art of Deception’, and they gave many statistics and facts, remarking that men tend to lie more than women. They revealed the age that people start lying from and the most common lies that men and women tell, which tend to be for women “Yes, I’m fine!” or they lie about their age or size. And for men: “No dear, your bum does not look big in that,” or they lie and boost up how much they earn or how often they go to the gym.

Teachers from Walton who went to support the girls at the competition are “extremely proud” of their achievements.

Team A’s main speaker Allanna said: “Even though we didn’t get through I had a great time and I wish the winning teams the best of luck for the finals.”

The winning teams, who were from Catmose College and Bourne Grammar, go on to the finals in March.

Catmose College’s topic was ‘History, there’s no future in it’, while Bourne Grammar’s speech was called ‘Regulation of the Press’.