Grantham Journal letter: Considerable concern over Charles Read closure plan

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It is with considerable concern that I have read your report that Corby Glen High School is to close.

When the school became an academy, the reasoning was that it would be supported by a successful school, not that it would be swallowed up and spat out in Grantham - 11 miles away!

Where is the democracy in this; we elect councillors who are apparently powerless to stop a decision made by an unelected and unrepresentative, faceless group of people.

For the children, the school provides a safe, local environment in which they can socialise, make friends and learn.

Small schools suit many young people, as indeed it did with our own son, who attended The Charles Read School and subsequently went to university and gained a good degree.

If the current proprietors, for that is what they are in respect of an independent academy, do not want to run a small, friendly local school, then they should hand it back to the council, who surely would then have a duty to support and encourage success at

The Charles Read School.

Linda Harrison