Grantham pupils hold hands to highlight equality

Anti-bullying week
Anti-bullying week
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Children from Little Gonerby Infant School marked both Anti-Bullying and Inter-Faith weeks with an entire school photo last week.

The children spent the week taking part in different activities including drawing round their hands and writing ways to stop bullying, reading a story linked to being treated differently for the way someone looked and writing poems and sentences to express how it made them feel.

Year 1 teacher Heidi Maclachlan said: “We also looked at photos of what our community looks like and talked about how people may look different and have different beliefs, but we are all equal.”

Every child was given half a heart and they had to find the person with the matching half at playtime, encouraging the children to make friends with someone new.

At the end of the week, the entire school gathered in a circle in the playground.

Miss Maclachan added: “We all held hands and stood together as a school to show that we are all different but equal.”