Grantham school head defends decision to send home hair-dyed pupil

Chloe Martin, sent home from school for wrong hair colour. 434D
Chloe Martin, sent home from school for wrong hair colour. 434D
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A child had a very short first day at school this week after being sent home due to the colour of her hair.

Charlene Martin of Belton Lane, Grantham, was fuming after her daughter, Chloe, was turned away by the school due to the red dye in her hair.

Chloe was forced to go home and tell her mum she must have her hair re-coloured before she can return to Priory Ruskin Academy.

Charlene said: “It’s only a little bit of red hair dye. It’s not extreme.

“Yet when my daughter was getting bullied last year they didn’t do a thing about it. I feel like they are targeting my daughter.”

Priory headteacher Clive Shepherd told the Journal yesteday (Thursday) that every student and parent signs a home-school agreement which clearly states that only natural hair colour is acceptable in school.

He said: “Our expectations are high of uniform and that includes hair colour.

“It states in the policy that there is to be no unnatural hair colour. We’re adhering to that policy.”

On Chloe being sent home from school, Mr Shepherd said: “Where there’s any problems with uniform or hair colour we work with the parents to get students back as soon as possible.”