Grantham students take part in film about girl in civil war

Walton Girls performing arts students with director David Evans.
Walton Girls performing arts students with director David Evans.
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Performing arts students at Walton Girls’ High School were selected for the creation of a film to be shown in schools across Britain from January 2017.

They took part in the creation of a short film for PIXL, with highly successful director David Evans. This amazing opportunity is set to showcase the students’ talent, whilst having the chance for them to work with a professional director and understand the process of acting for camera.

Schools across the country will have access to this film and will use it to support programmes around diversity and equality.

As well as directing the short film, David wrote and produced the script ‘Elena’s Story’. It is a true story and tells of an individual stuck in the middle of the civil war in Srebrenica in 1992.

The students taking part found Elena’s story a touching one. Tiger Pine, in Year 12, said: “Even though the tragedy Elena has been through has been terrible, and unlike anything I have experienced, myself and the other students found ourselves empathising with Elena to a point where our acting had improved. This taught us a lot about acting and the connection you need to have with a character to be believable to an audience.”

Head of performing arts Mrs Fox said: “This has been a great opportunity for our students to not only work with a professional director, but also understand the process of acting for camera. It has been inspiring to watch them unwrap Elena’s tragic story and perform the characters with such empathy. I hope that this is an experience that will be with them for many years to come.”