Innovative system is a boost to tots’ development

Interactive Whiteboard at Bambinos Nursery. 897D
Interactive Whiteboard at Bambinos Nursery. 897D
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Children at Bambinos day nursery in Grantham have made better than expected progress in learning and social development because of a new interactive music system.

Staff have seen youngsters aged two and three become more confident, with the shy ones joining in more and others being less disruptive as a result of the sessions.

The North Parade-based nursery started using the whiteboard music software technology as part of a research programme being carried out by Grantham business, Interact.

Staff were so impressed with the system they decided to buy it and now use it every session.

Theresa Brown, deputy manager at Bambinos, said youngsters in the group had made excellent progress with their personal, social and emotional development skills, as well as gaining in self-confidence and self-esteem. They have also formed friendships more easily and shown more creativity.

She said: “We start off by playing music until the children recognise the beat.

“Then they learn to sing along with it and then add musical instruments. It promotes literacy because the children have to tell a story via a song.”

Using the system, children interact with different characters called Claudina, Whattie, Sally, Charlie and Wesley - they were thrilled when Wesley, who is a bear, paid them a visit.

The software is used in many infant and primary schools across the UK and it is hoped it will help Bambinos’ youngsters make the transition from nursery to full-time education more easily.

Mrs Brown, who said 20 of the nursery’s 30 children were using the system, added: “As soon as it goes on they start dancing and singing.

“They were really looking forward to Wesley coming in to see them.”