Kesteven and Grantham Girls’ School perform well in GCSEs

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KESTEVEN and Grantham Girls’ School once again performed well, giving the school its best ever results.

There was a 61 per cent overall A*/A pass rate, the previous highest was 58 per cent, and 41 percent got 10 or more As and A*s. 71 per cent of the 173 students achieved five or more A*/A grades.

Headteacher Graham Burks said he is delighted for the whole community.

He said: “Parents have been tremendous and the work ethic of the girls and staff was both impressive and consistent. This year group has been absolutely fantastic, they’ve really pulled it off.

“We’ve been trying to break the 60 per cent A*/A barrier for the past few years, it’s wonderful that the girls have managed it in 2012, our Olympic year, a year that we will all remember.

“Well done and thank you to everyone who supported their achievement.”

Pupil Jasmine Moodie was thrilled when she opened her results.

She said: “I did really well, I’m really pleased. I got a lot more A*s that I wasn’t expecting.”

Her friend Madhuja Tore is looking forward to going into the school’s sixth form.

She said: “I got on really well, better than I expected. I’m most looking forward to more challenging subjects in September.”

Aimee Cunningham also did very well.

She said: “I was just surprised and really happy when I first saw the results. I’m looking forward to doing the subjects that I want to do at A-level.”

Isabel Cocker is also looking forward to choosing her subjects. She said: “I’m most looking forward to not having to do physics. I was really happy and relieved when I first saw my grades.”