Learning at Little Gonerby in Grantham is electric

Learning about electricity at Little Gonerby School. 981D
Learning about electricity at Little Gonerby School. 981D
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Classmates at Little Gonerby Infant School have been learning what it is like to live without electricity.

The Year 2 pupils have been engaged in an intriguing project about electricity this term and experienced a day without power to see how people lived before electricity was created.

They found out about Thomas Edison and the light bulb, studied green power and built an entire city out of Lego as part of a workshop run by education provider Electro City. They then used their knowledge of circuits to light up the city. The classrooms were adapted to science labs to immerse the children in the project.

The children went on to investigate how to reduce the school’s electricity bills and discovered that the lights left on the most were in the cloakrooms and toilets. Hence they decided that these rooms need light sensors to save money and have been raising money for their installation.

They created their own recipe books to sell to parents by trialling and tasting recipes such as pasta bake, ice cream and bread. A stall was held for Year 2 parents where they could buy the books and tasty treats. Pupils also acted as ‘experts’ to teach their parents, who paid to learn how to create electric circuits.

All in all the children raised £167.63 and presented this to headteacher Helen Hilton and school business manager Claire Harding as part of their final presentations of learning.