Man who ‘gave birth’ to a uni is honoured

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A UNIVERSITY has paid tribute to a man from Old Somerby who was instrumental in the institution’s creation.

Augustus John Jenkinson OBE, known to all as Jack, was born in Old Somerby and educated at The King’s School before going on to found the Bolton Technical Teacher Training College - the first of its kind in the country.

In 1951 he created its sister institution, Bolton Technical College and became its Principal.

The college went on to become the University of Bolton.

Last month the University unveiled a plaque to Mr Jenkinson which it had restored and returned to its rightful place. The plaque pays tribute to Mr Jenkinson’s “outstanding services to education” - the very achievement for which he received an OBE in 1966.

His family attended the unveiling of the restored plaque.

Mr Jenkinson’s daughter, Dolly Jenkinson of Harlaxton Road, Grantham, said: “For a long time the plaque had disappeared from view following development work at the university.

“One day we thought we would get in touch to find out what had happened to it.

“When the university got back in touch they said they had found it, restored it and were going to hold an uveiling.

“We were all so touched and pleased.”

On his retirement, Mr Jenkinson returned to Old Somerby before he died in 1991. His widow, Amelia, still lives in the village and celebrated her 97th birthday on Tuesday.

She said: “It has been a great gratification to us. We knew how great he was - he was a good husband and a good father - and we know he worked hard.

“That the university he gave birth to would be so generous has really touched us.”