Nativity: Huntingtower Primary School

Nativity play at Huntingtower school. 916D
Nativity play at Huntingtower school. 916D
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All 60 children in the reception classes at Huntingtower Primary School were involved on a Christmas cabaret show.

Youngsters sang Christmas songs including I’m A Little Christmas Cracker and a Christmas Lullaby, before children working in teams contributed to the show.

There was bell ringing, a rendition of Rudoph the Red Nose Reindeer, a snowman’s dance to the music of Walking in The Air, a reading of the poem the Night Before Christmas and carol singing .

Christmas cracker-style jokes between items were met with gales of laughter from the audience.

The peformance concluded with a traditional nativity tableau.

Early years leader Donna Kightley said the four and five-year-old children taking part had only been at school for a short while, but had learned a lot from working together on such a key part of school life.

“They really stepped up to the mark,” she said.