Primary Focus: Denton Primary School

Whole School Pic : Denton School. 012D
Whole School Pic : Denton School. 012D
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Pupils and staff at Denton Primary School have enjoyed a busy term, joining in a range of stimulating activities.

Class Two visited a Hindu temple in Leicester and Class One got up close to creatures of the rainforest when spiders, lizards, snakes, and a tree frog were brought in to school.

The youngsters were particularly fascinated when the frog clambered up the classroom wall.

Class Three enjoyed a day with their friends at nearby Harlaxton Primary School, where the hall is big enough to accommodate larger activities, in this case an African drumming and dancing day.

Head teacher Sheriden Edwards is head of both Harlaxton and Denton schools and age group classes get together for shared activities at least once a term.

The shared arrangement is unusual in Lincolnshire but not unique.

By forming a federation, the schools are able to maintain their independence in the two communities, and the head teacher is employed in that role full-time, which protects and strengthens the schools.

Denton Primary is at capacity with 69 pupils and there are 12 staff.

The school’s motto, ‘Spirit’ inspires the pupils throughout the year.

Each of the six terms in the year is allocated a theme derived from six words which spell out the motto - Success, Praise, Inspiration, Respect, Independence and Trust.

Last term it was Respect and pupils were reminded of it in the classroom and during morning assembly, which takes the form of a service at the Church of England school.