Primary Focus: Ingoldsby Primary School

Ingoldsby Primary School. Photo: 963C
Ingoldsby Primary School. Photo: 963C
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Non-educational activities play an important role at Ingoldsby Primary School, as does the focus on community events.

Youngsters are encouraged to try sports as well as activities such as dance and singing.

In fact, the whole school will be taking part in the Colsterworth Festival of Performing Arts in Grantham today (Friday).

Acting headteacher Wendy Sorrell said: “We’re very fortunate that we can take the whole school.

“We’re also lucky because we do have a lot of talented children. It’s brilliant for them to be involved together.

“It’s a great opportunity to showcase individual talents, and whole school talents as well.”

Another community event Ingoldsby pupils have taken part in recently is the Swimarathon. This is just one event where pupils’ sporting talents can shine, with other competitions and activities taking place to “encompass additional opportunities outside of school with the curriculum”, said Miss Sorrell.